Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Ballerina Dance

The sun lighted the field
Mist curtain faded away
River flows slowly and calmly
Birds started singing
Frogs started watching
Then the white swan came to the river
Slowly and steadily
Mingling with the music
She started to dance
Her dance reflected her happiness

A black swan came to the river from nowhere
He was watching her dance
And synced with the tune
He joined her
The white swan didn’t like the black swan
She tried to move away
But he tried to maintain his phase
Finally she turned her back to the black swan

The black swan realized that she was rejecting him
Is it because he black?
He felt so sad
He swam faster and faster
Deeper and deeper
In to the far end of the river
When the white swan turned back
The black swan nowhere to be seen
She felt so sad
‘Oh what I have done’
The white swan threw her arms to the air
Started searching
Swam and searched every corner of the river
Finally found him in the darkest part of the river

The white swan stepped to him
The black swan stepped away
She quicken her steps
He quicken his steps
She started running
He started running
She started flying up into the sky
Grabbed his wings and circled, circled, circled

Their eyes met with each other
They both felt the warmth of their feelings
The white swan looked away with guilt
The black swan held her tight
He gave her forgiveness
She gave her heart
They both danced together
Hugging each other
Slowly and steadily
Circling to the center of the river
Until the sun set down
Until the moonlight comes
Then the frogs started croaking
While the mist curtain closed

Friday, February 1, 2013

Papa! Papa!

Papa! Papa!
So many people are here but none of them are happy
Faces are so sad like someone has stolen their cookie
Everyone wears white but none of them are smiling
People are too busy with their work but you are not even moving

Papa! Papa!
Why my mom is crying? Why my sister is crying?
Why there are so many faces I haven’t ever seen for my life?
Why people mummers instead shout and laugh like they did yesterday?
Why don’t you talk to me papa? Why are you laying still?

Papa! Papa!
Look papa! Look! Your best friend is also here!
Tell those jokes, do that trick, you two always made me inspired
Today you both don’t smile, I don’t know why and no one tells me why
Look outside. It’s too dark. Come with me, I always sleep with you at night

Papa! Papa!
Now I know, I know why you are not talking to me papa!
I’ll be good, always tell the truth, I don’t ask for ice cream anymore
I don’t want that remote control car that I asked for my birthday papa!
I’ll promise, I’ll listen to you. Papa, just say a word to me to make me smile

Papa! Papa!
Mommy is lying. Mommy says that you won’t wake up again
Open your eyes. Raise your voice and tell her to never lie again
Don’t be so rude. You have never been rude. Why don’t you wake up and say
Say that you tricked me, say that you fooled me and never do that again

To My Dearest Grandpa!

You are not my grand pa
You are my father.
You are not my friend
You are my mentor.

You thought me well
You brought me higher.
You have showed me the path
Where it led to honor.

As you did for your ones
You did the same to me,
Without differ me from them.
No one will have a one like you
I am the luckiest.

One will say, 'I don't know 

how to ever repay you'
I will say, 'I know exactly what to do.'

Thursday, January 10, 2013

If I Had Another Day to Live!

If I had another day to live
Could have seen the sun rising up, for one last time
Could have felt the rain, dripping over my face
Could have felt the wind, waving my hair

Trees all around me, dancing to the beat of my heart
Birds fly above me, singing for me to step in to the air
Could have listened well to the songs of nature
And never corrupt her knowing that is my future

Could have gone out and make some new friends
Meet some new people that I have never met
Learn new cultures, traditions and language
Could have found an ‘amigo’ instead of a friend

Say ‘Hello!’ to a stranger and wished him a good day
Smile at the person who I never looked in the face
I could have said sorry to the fat boy I always bully
To tell him I was wrong and that it’s not really funny

Could have gone for the prayers, with my family together
Sat and prayed for the people, who were gone forever
Could have gone to the grounds, with my friends together
Played and run around, had some fun together

Could have made some more time to spend with my grandpa
And let him know that there is someone to take care
And when at night, listen to the stories of my grandma
Make her laugh, make her happy and give her time to spare

Could have told my papa ‘I really don’t hate you’
Even though I left you, I am still your lovely child
Tell my mama, I always had her in my heart
Not even a single day have I wanted to be apart

Could have had time to tell how much I loved my brother
And let him know that I won’t be there to make some trouble
Tell my sister I always truly missed her
Tell that her it’s ok. She can always have my collection

I could have seen my babies smile
Together with their beautiful brown eyes
Could have spent one more time to hear their cries
Cuddle them up so that they can sleep fine

I could have told my lover, sweet little lies
Could have spent a night slowing down the time
Low lights and some wine, it’s all going to be fine
Pushing all the things aside, just you and me all night

If I had another day to live
I would not forget to love those who loved me
Never missed a moment of this wonderful time
I would save every second to keep me alive

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Bride!

I have been waiting for this day to come, to start a new life
With the one I know for years, that always stood beside
Are you the one? Are you the man I always had in my dreams?
Why do I feel so desperate to go further? Am I not right?

That can’t be true. That won’t be true. After all these years we've passed

I trusted you. I adored you. Always keeping you next to the God
I might be wrong, I’m not sure. I don't know why do I feel this way?
You better be mine, always be mine, for the rest of my life

There’s no way to presume you, there’s no way to see my fortune
There are only two paths. One leads to new life, other to unknown
Which way to go? There is no one to ask or am I forgetting someone?
You are here, right next to him. How could you do this to me?

Now the time has come, to go apart from the known world
No one is there to tell my actual feelings that torment my mind
Shall I scream, shall I run, shall I just walk away from everything?
There’s no turning back, one way trip. Or shall I take the other path?